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    [REVIEW] “His Dark Materials” – My Favourite show of 2019.

    As you can imagine by the title this is going to be a review of my favourite TV series this year. I can’t describe how good this show is from the scenery, the actors, and the script. It was perfect. BBC TV show details: view here. The actors were perfect in their roles, Not only did we see lyra’s spirit and determination shine through with the young actress playing her. Her speech sounded exactly as how I read it all those years ago when it was first released in paperback. Mrs Coulter’s actress showed her hardness being crushed, her under-lying meanness and how vulnerable she was underneath her hard exterior.…

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    Christmas Reads? 2017

    As you are probably already aware, by the date this was posted, that Christmas isn’t far away. This is the closest I get to being festive online and I am getting excited to have lots of fun with family and friends! I am doing my top 3 reads that I think you could read this Christmas (2017). As always it is your choice on what you read but I think these are some brilliant suggestions to get you in the Christmas mood… Harry Potter – JK Rowling – Yes, there are scenes where the characters are around at Christmas but it is not a festive book as such but when…

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    [REVIEW] Cold Feet: The Lost Years – Carmel Harrington

    GIFTED* A trip down memory lane with the original cast! This book arrived nice & early with a press release explaining the publishing date, plus quite a bit of information on both the book and author. I then picked it up to read and here is my review… This book is centred around the lives of the original cast of Cold Feet. It is an easy read and is based on the time between the old first series 1-5 in the 90/00s and the beginning of series 6. The current series airing in 2017 on ITV (UK) is series 7. After reading a few paragraphs it is easy to slip back…