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Why I cancelled my readathon last year // Why it’s back!

As you might have noticed by my pinned current tweet on my Twitter, I have advertised my month-long readathon, that I created September last year.

I came up with the idea while trying to think of a book series I would like to read, along side a children’s series. “The Chronicles of Narnia” does both.

I decided that over the space of a month it is plenty of time to read the short 7 book series and it will get people reading again as it is a simple level to start back up reading.

Sadly no one was able to join in or promote my readathon, so I shelved it for the year. But as it’s been a whole year already, I thought I would try and bring it back this year. Hopefully a few if not a lot of people will be interested in trying it this year.

Not only will it give my blog more publicity. It will also encourage new and old readers. ????

I hope you join me this year and I look forward to us all completing the NarnAThon challenge by 30th September.

Here is my original post: NarnAThon #Readathon

Happy Reading!

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