[REVIEW] #ad Cold Feet: The Lost Years – Carmel Harrington

A trip down memory lane with the original cast!

This book arrived nice & early with a press release explaining the publishing date, plus quite a bit of information on both the book and author. I then picked it up to read and here is my review…

This book is centred around the lives of the original cast of Cold Feet. It is an easy read and is based on the time between the old first series 1-5 in the 90/00s and the beginning of series 6. The current series airing in 2017 on ITV (UK) is series 7.

After reading a few paragraphs it is easy to slip back into the characters’ world in Manchester (UK). It shows light comedy and lots of relationship troubles as you expect from people that age.

We get to have another fun look into the lives of David, Karen, Adam, Jenny & Pete. Also, it includes their friends, family, work partners and others. It, however, is set very close to Rachel’s death. She is brought up a lot which drops the tone sometimes but overall, it suits the storyline.

This book is not only interesting it has good humour and suited for anyone over 15.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, I would to anyone who enjoys the TV series. It’s a fun read!

DISCLAIMER: I got this book from the Publisher “Hodder & Stoughton” for an honest review

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