[REVIEW] #ad Pigeon Blood-Red – Ed Duncan


This book attracted me to the synopsis. I like most crime books and haven’t read one in a while. As a short book of only 201 pages, I thought it would be quite quick to read, which it was.

DISCLAIMER: This book was sent to me via the publisher and author. This doesn’t affect my full review below.

This book focuses on criminals and the people around them, both good and bad. As I was reading this I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is an interesting book which is a fast-paced and good character and plot-lines.

The characters, although not relatable due to being criminals, are interesting and make you want to read more. I felt myself being drawn into the storyline and wanting to read more about the characters. Chapters were generally quite short which kept the pace at a constant level.

The main storyline is about a criminal enforcer who is looking for an expensive necklace he lost while in transit. We find out early on who took it and why, but we don’t know who will keep it in the end or what he will do to get it back. It has multiple storylines that some aren’t related but they are all very interesting.

Although when I first started reading about Robert I was immediately sympathetic to him and his life I believe the best character is definitely Rico as we see his story progress the most and even if you don’t agree with the actions he does, you still want him to succeed. He comes through as a macho male and you don’t see much of his emotions but you still understand him.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would as this author is not well-known and created a great short (just over 200 words) novel which was engaging, interesting and a fun read. I hear there are 3 books to this trilogy being planned. The 2nd book is already out and the 3rd should be released soon, so look out for Ed Ducan’s older work and the rest of this series.

Do you love crime books? & a quick read?
Do you like reading about “Gangsters” and criminals?
This is the book for you.

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