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The third in the series of an investigative reporter.

The characters are interesting to read but it takes the reader a while to feel comfortable hearing about them. Amelia is very odd to read about but you still want to know more. Lucy is both clever and holds your attention but towards the middle, you start to wonder what is the point of your investigation?

Her colleague, Benoit, seems to be the voice of reason throughout & although he is mentioned a lot he is not a main part of the storyline. There are numerous other characters that pop into the book to say hello but not really worth going into, filler descriptions I guess.

Around the 60% mark something very dramatic happens and after the event disappears it seems to go away and the character doesn’t seem to react the same. It’s as if the drama element was increased to keep the reader’s attention, which it does but you are left feeling confused.

There is once again a dramatic twist which I don’t want to spoil but it is extremely unrealistic but builds up the tension, it also gives away the main character’s story and enemies before the end so I didn’t know what was left to find out.

The character that you think is rational and the voice of reason lose their mind in the last few chapters, to the point that you wonder whether she has ever been sane or it was just an act. This heightens the drama and suspense of the last few chapters.

The story is summed up and finished in a good way and you don’t feel like you have missed anything or that it needs more to it. This is the 3rd Lucy Hall book in the series. I enjoyed this book and would recommend to people who like cheap thrills.

I wouldn’t read another in this series and suggest to others may be reading the 1st book to get an insight into the main character. It is a thrilling read but came across quite quick to read, which I am not sure if the author was intending on doing.


DISCLAIMER:I got this ebook from the author and publisher for an honest review.

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