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    Beginning of “Prologue” (WIP #2)

    PRESENT DAY (December. 1999) It was another bitterly cold, December afternoon in late 1999. There was a lean,, dirty-looking, belligerent, male. He had an unfriendly face and looked no younger than 63. He wore an old, faded greyed black, double breasted suit with a classic worn-in, English man‘s black, top hat. To any young person passing, he would have looked like he was in some form of fancy dress. He walked with a heavy weight emphasised on his right leg. Not many people knew that his limp had been caused many years ago, when there was nothing that could have been done, to correct the problem. He always refused to…

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    Beginning of Chapter 1 (WIP #1)

    There stood a shadow six foot six, dressed in dark clothes and soaking wet. The rain was rushing down heavy and cold. The man was hiding in the shadows aware of each person passing. No one would look in his direction in fear of what was there.   There was a mother with her two little children on her way back from the supermarket and a teenager on his way home from a friend’s house unaware of what was near. They would go on to recount how they scurried past and did not look him in the eye. This image struck fear into the street that night. Something as glinting…

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    #Ad Q&A • C.v.Wyk – Blood & Sand (book)

    Hi All, Today is going to be a little different as I’m hosting a Q&A with debut author C.V. Wyk. Her first novel Blood and Sand comes out January 2018 (& February 1st in the UK). I wanted to give you an idea of who she is… Your name, location, book/series C. V. Wyk Washington, D.C. Blood and Sand (book 1) What’s your all time fave book? Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier Tell a random personal true story. I once met the original Red Power Ranger at an El Pollo Loco. It was glorious. (I was 7.) What inspired your first book? Ahh!! Where to start? There have…