Writing Wednesdays #1

As I write this blog post, I am aware of how hard writing fiction is. I started my first venture into writing when I was in my early teens, creating poetry from real life experiences. Never did I show anyone what was on the 20+ pages of a4.

This project however is different. I am aiming to write between 1 and 20 books: these include 2 adult novels, 1 young adult/teen book, and lastly a children’s book series of 5+ (150 pages each) books. It is a big commitment for me & hard work!

For now, I will refer to the page already up on my blog (Previous work etc). This has all my WIP (Works in Progress). I am aiming in 2020 to complete 1 of my novels or be half-way between 2 of my novels. I am aiming to plot another 5 books in my children’s series but not start until my first novel is fully complete.

I am expecting this journey to be a hard one. I am aware even after completing the novels there is a long process before it gets published, possibly years later.

The way I get my inspiration for the novels, is through watching great TV, reading even greater novels (did you know I’m also a part-time book blogger on this blog too), and of course by real life events, whether they be with me or around the world. I’m hoping my novels will inspire people to read, write, appreciate books, people and respect others more.

My children’s series I plan on writing in the future, I got the inspiration by growing up reading Harry Potter, Beatrix Potter, & the Famous Five series. I loved reading throughout my childhood, even reading in the dark under a blanket with a torch after bedtime… I really did think carrots would help me see in the dark, honestly!

So, as I close this post about getting to know me and my writing, I hope you will come on this journey with me and discover more about my writing and how far I’ve come, since starting my first project.


  • CRIME NOVEL: 8,000 words
  • Mental Health novel 1,000 words,
  • Historical Novel: 500 words,
  • Children’s 5 book series: not started. (TBC)

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