[REVIEW] Sherlock Holmes & the Titanic Tragedy – William Seil



You can thoroughly absorb yourself in the real people involved. as well as enjoy meeting new and old Sherlockian fictional characters from both A.C.Doyle’s world. It is set in 1912 and although this is an original story by another author, it still maintains a similar sound to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous mystery series.

You read through Watson voice and point of view, which makes it interesting. It is also based when both Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are ageing up into their 60s, semi-retired but still as sharp and quick-witted as they always were.

The contrast between the two females Miss Norton and Miss Storm-fleming are interesting. One; being more masculine and dominant, a carrier of important documents, helping Holmes. Whereas the other is a delicate and feminine figure, who is depicted as a female friend, to Watson. This shows a nice balance of characters in the book.

This is my first Sherlock adventure read and although it is not by the original author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I believe it is a good read and keeps your attention; without going on too long or boring the reader.

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