Why I buy actual books,

What do I mean in the title you ask? Anti-Kindle.

Many people are probably wondering where I get my books I review from. Simple: I either buy them from Amazon or I also borrow them from the local library – if they are in stock! WHY NO KINDLE? I hear you ask.

The only inconvenience in this scenario is either waiting for stock or delivery, but if I time it right this isn’t really a problem. Just order, say a week, in advance and you’re sorted. I have to agree, sometimes like today, there are times when you think a kindle would have been helpful – as I could have just clicked and read my book in seconds. But like I already thought, I’m still reading the last book anyway – Actually, I just started it, so the next will be here in time for me to finish the last. Sorted.

The great thing about this idea I’ve come across is not only am I saving money, I get to really feel the book. To judge it’s size in comparison to the last. Give it a smell and see if it’s bindings are old or new. See it if its fresh out the package and a new copy. I also have a big thing about always having the bookmark right before the new page, and as it’s nearly always a new chapter it just looks cool.Random fact for you: I have a weird thing, which I don’t know if anyone else does – always stopping and starting books on a new chapter when I take a breather. You just can’t get the same feeling from a kindle!

Opinions welcomed =)

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