Why I failed the Epic…

As I get to the 20% mark of my GoodReads Challenge; 2 of 10 books. I am now looking back. There is only one book so far that I have put down mid-way through reading – early in my Challenge.

I tried for this book choice in my challenge to read an “epic” just because I’d heard about it and thought I would try and be clever reading it. If you know me you will realise I haven’t read a proper book in a very long time.. and I’m talking nearly ten years. That is other than a certain Harry Potter book released in 2016, and the Wicked series.

The reason I think I failed this book was mainly down to the fact; it was a bloody long book – at a huge 835 pages long! I think I took on something that is currently out of my league, although I did give it a good go. I got to page 472  before finally caving and stopped, half way through. You are probably wondering what the book title is?

This book was called “A Game of Thrones” by George R.R Martin. Yes, there is a tv show called the same title on Sky Atlantic and if you’ve ever given that a watch you will agree (sorry if I’m being controversial?) but it drags on; just as much as the book. Ahh, but don’t we all love a good tv show with sex, violence & DRAGONS, maybe? I didn’t.

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