28 Tips & advice, at 28 years old (in 2018)

This is my list of what I have learnt via tips & advice for my younger self… I hope you like it!

  1. Always be yourself
  2. Keep real friends close
  3. Don’t always trust everyone
  4. Family cannot be replaced
  5. Learn to cook at a young age
  6. Social Media is a bloody lie!
  7. 18-25 are your best years, Enjoy it
  8. Don’t try to grow up too soon
  9. Kids are not necessary to have a fulfilling life (until you have them)
  10. Get a Netflix or a Now TV subscription
  11. Always rewatch old Movies & TV shows
  12. Don’t rely on a partner, You don’t need one
  13. Don’t break the rules, Honestly, it’s not worth it.
  14. Pets are 100% better than children
  15. Love & Respect those who do to you
  16. Swearing doesn’t make you intelligent
  17. Sundays are designed to relax all day
  18. Sweatpants and joggers are the new leggings
  19. Try College & Uni but it might not be for you
  20. Always have manners when addressing people
  21. Gin & Bingo are actually cool, Honest!
  22. Life goes on, with or without you
  23. Drunk nights out are irreplaceable
  24. The top 5 friends you have are irreplaceable
  25. You don’t NEED a partner until you find the 1.
  26. Your parents know best, believe me, they do!
  27. Always take in the scenery, or it might be gone
  28. Don’t always buy expensive stuff (unless it’s Nike)

Are there any other tips you would recommend to your younger self?
Do you agree with any of these tips advised? Let me know in the comments!

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