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My journey with food, & beyond.

I have been musing about what to add on my blog and I thought why not Food & Drink? Let me take you on a journey as to why I love this topic so much…

Lovely steak at Brewers Fayre

When I was a child I loved going out to places and loved to eat a lot. A favourite place I used to love in Cardiff Bay was a fish and chip restaurant centred next to Techniquest. It was a lovely place and it had some memories I will treasure forever of going there with my dearly beloved nan.

Scroll on to 2000s, I was an anti-food snob and barely ate anything but ready meals and the so. There was a period of time that during my teens I just wanted to eat & go out. I didn’t appreciate either my mother’s home cooking or where we went to eat, I had no idea about money or what food costs.

Since 2015, I have started to really enjoy tasty food. Yes I have gained weight (about a stone… or two) but it can’t put a price on the happiness I feel when presented with a tasty meal. I have, in the last few years, tried a few different areas, and other places such as Cardiff & small vintage inns or local pubs & restaurants nearby.

I have found some unique menus with options including fish, meat, pasta & salad. Although I am not a vegetarian I am going to pledge to look at 1 vegetarian for every 4 meat dishes on my blog. I will be showing you the dishes that I love. I would not describe myself as a critic but more a lover of food.

Mom’s homemade spaghetti bolognese

Please join me on this new journey where I will show you both new & old places to eat in South Wales (UK). I’m sure many people have heard of places like Toby Carvery & Jamie’s Italian but I want to show you places that many don’t know even exist. Join me & fall in love with food again! To collaborate or for sponsored posts click here.

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