GoodReads Reading Challenge 2017.

I am finally coming up to the end of my GoodReads Challenge in 2017.

As you might have noticed I upped my amount of books to 15 as I went over 12 earlier in the year.

This may seem quite small but it is because I am going from; A person who would not touch a book, in months, to; A girl who is now reading pretty much all my free time (when not sleeping, volunteering at a library – with free access to more books, learning a language or studying at home.)

The reason I choose the GoodReads Challenge was that I needed the motivation to read again.

I had the perfect opportunity to start from scratch and make a new blog . to try and encourage me to carry on going. I am now in about 4 groups on facebook dedicated to reading and blogging so I have the community around me now.

How are you progressing with your Goodreads challenge? Are you happy reading? Do you feel more pressure to read within the book community because others are? Give me your thoughts and your responses to others!


  • Rachel Gosling (@rachelbird26)

    I’ve fallen behind my goal of at least 3 books each month (40 total), but I have read 26 of that number. I think I feel more pressure to finish books because of the goal I’ve set. I always get really excited about finding a book in the library, sometimes by accident, and starting it, but then I get too many books started and going at once, and finish very few of them. I think my goal for next year will be to be more selective about what I’m currently reading, and try again to plan it out specifically. Thanks for your update!

  • abigailsbooks32

    I reached my goodreads goal of 65 books, but I’ve been in a book slump now. I’m just happy I reached my goal! I was worried I wouldn’t reach it, but I managed and I’m super happy about it. I’m gonna try and get out of my reading slump and have a good reading month for December so I can hopefully end this year on a high note. 🙂

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