Introduction to ITALIAN FRIDAYS

Hello All,

This is the first post to do with Italy.

I first encountered the country Italy while researching about the Roman Era as a child. As I was watching a few documentaries based on the Roman era and glancing through books created by Mary Beard when I saw a program about Italian food and culture called “Italy Unpacked”. I was mesmerised by the content but unhappy I did not know more about the country and language, to understand it more.

So this idea came about months after I finished watching the TV series.

I am going to do a series of posts for everyone. I want to take both you, as a reader, and me, as a writer, on a journey through various different things to do with Italy – both it’s history and culture. These posts will be dedicated to various topics.

The main topics I want to include in my project are:


I will always add any relevant links below (for more information):

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