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Recipe #2. Quick Steak & Veg stir Fry

  • 8oz steak (sirloin or rump)
  • 1 small Mixed veg pack (or a half a mugful of each of the following – green beans, carrots, broccoli & corn).
  • 2 table spoons of olive or vegetable oil
  • A teaspoon Worcester or soy sauce
  • A teaspoon of garlic flakes (or 1 garlic clove)
  • Salt & pepper (alter to your taste)

Time to prepare: 5 minutes – Cooking time: 15-20 minutes


  1. Turn large frying pan on full heat until hot.
  2. Add garlic & oil to pan
  3. While garlic is cooking, slice steak into 1inch wide chunks
  4. Add steak to pan and fry for 10 minutes until fully cooked through
  5. While steak is frying slice veg into 1 cm wide slices (approx 6cm length)
  6. Add soy or Worcester sauce to pan & season with salt n pepper
  7. Throw all the vegetables into the pan and turn the heat down low or off.
  8. Leave the pan to cool and the veg to cook also for 5-8 mins
  9. Serve direct to a bowl or plate from pan

Note: Please alter times to suit your preferences. For well done steak, add 5-10 mins cooking time & 5 extra mins for softer veg.

I hope you enjoy this meal and if you liked it I will add more recipes to my blog. If you’ve tried this meal please tell me in the comments below! Thanks!

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