thanks – 1,000 views!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to you all to say THANK YOU. I have finally hit 1,000 views. I’ve been watching my blog grow slowly and think it’s great that I have over 1,000 views in just under 4 months of blogging. This goal was hit around about Midnight last night.

I hope you all stick with me for the rest of the year (+ a few more months) till my one year of blogging happens in May 2018. I’m not sure what I’ll do but it’ll be fun!

Once again, I hope you enjoy what I post. Also if you think there is other stuff I’m missing or you don’t agree with feel free to tweet me @dmcdowall129 or just leave a comment.

My next milestone is “100 followers“. I’m hoping to get that by the end of 2017.


Thanks for reading!a47c970a-03e4-4f70-bab2-3d8c8a3a86a8



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